Vision, Mission and Goals


It aims to be a universal department in terms of education, research and social contribution in the field of business science.


Having the necessary knowledge in business, able to use this knowledge effectively in the institutions and organizations in which they work, able to develop their knowledge, skills and competencies according to the changes in the world, having a critical point of view, innovative, entrepreneurial, contributing to the society, acting in accordance with legal and ethical rules. solution-oriented individuals.

  • The Bachelor of Business Administration program aims to train accounting, finance, marketing experts and professional managers in line with the requirements of the era and the sector for the local, national and international levels of business life.
  • The Bachelor of Business Administration program has the capacity to establish, manage and develop a business; It aims to raise solution-oriented individuals who are innovative, entrepreneurial, able to use the technologies of the age related to their profession and work in teams, have knowledge of business administration, contribute to scientific studies and society, and adapt to global competition conditions and constant change.
  • The Bachelor of Business Administration program aims to increase the quality of education by constantly improving its curriculum with a critical perspective in accordance with the requirements of business life's legal, ethical and social responsibility awareness.