From the Department Head

Dear Students and the Candidate Students,

International Trade and Business Administration is one of the featured programs of recent years.The new dynamics created by globalization and the need for multi-dimensional human resources of business world play a big role in this.

Universities respond to the demands of the rapidly globalizing world by designing new education programs or developing education programs. Especially in countries like Turkey which have had closed economies till recent times, and have recently integrated to the global economy, this becomes even more crucial.

Doğuş University International Trade and Business Administration Department, which started its academic life in the 2007-2008 academic year, has created an interdisciplinary curriculum since it was established to meet the current needs and requirements of the global business world. Our curriculum is updated in line with the needs, taking into account the feedback of the 'Advisory Board', which was formed with the participation of sector representatives.

The aim of our department is to meet the needs of the business world at home and abroad, by training individuals who are equipped with a strong theoretical infrastructure in international trade, business, logistics, finance and, "Chinese" as a second foreign language, to contribute to the country's economic development. For this purpose, a team consisting of young and experienced academicians who have made an academic career in the elite universities of our country and the world and who are in close contact with professional world has been formed.

In our University, which has adopted the principle of supporting success, our students can study in a different department or a different faculty by following the double major program or following a second diploma or minor program or in many European Countries as part of the Erasmus Exchange Program

In accordance with the student-oriented education principle adopted on an institutional basis, all faculty members communicate effectively with our students and in this context, they provide all our students with the professional advice and coaching support they need.

Our graduates have the opportunity to work as experts or managers candidates in international trade companies, logistics companies and national and international organizations of all sizes with international business activities. Besides that, they have also the opportunity to work at such Institutions as chamber of commerce, and all institutions in public sector.

Doğuş University International Trade and Business Administration Department eagerly awaits all university candidates on the way to become ambitious, success-oriented and equipped professionals in global competition.

Assoc. Prof. Özge Baruönü 
Head of Department