From the Department Head

International Trade and Business is one of the departments which has been in the ascendant. Herein, the new dynamics and environment created by globalization have a great share in need for multidimensional human resources.

In a world of rapid globalization universities need to follow this trend by reorganizing their education programs, starting new programs, or opening up new departments. Especially in countries like Turkey which have had closed economies till recent times, and have recently integrated to the Global Economy, this becomes even more crucial.

In parallel with the rapid development of Dogus University since its inauguration, the International Trade and Business Department has been established, and this department has started educating students in the academic year 2007/2008.

Since from the very beginning our aim has been to design a multidisciplinary curriculum for the students which would satisfy the current needs and necessities of the global business world.

Actually, the curriculum of the department has been and would be reviewed and revised in accordance to the feedbacks received from the sectors’ representatives, namely advisory board of our department.

In short, the purpose of this department is to fulfill the needs of the both national and international business world and to contribute to economic development of our country by educating individuals that are equipped with a strong theoretical and regulatory background and techniques of application of international trade, business, logistics and finance.

Our students have the opportunity to do a second major at another department and at other faculties, simultaneously and receive a second degree.

Additionally, our department offers “Chinese” to the students as second foreign language.

On the other hand, each and every year we receive from and send several students to European universities with which we have Erasmus Exchange agreements.

Our graduates will have the opportunity to work as specialists or specialist candidates in international trade companies, logistics companies and every size of national or international corporations which are concentrated in international business activities. Besides that, they have also the opportunity to work at such Institutions as chamber of commerce, and all institutions in public sector.

In brief, Dogus University/ Department of International Trade and Business Department is the best choice for the candidates who want to be assertive in the global competition.


Dr. Özlem Sanrı

Head of Department