From the Department Head

It is widely held that, individual, national and global welfare, to that effect, the world peace and security can be achieved only if the efficient allocation of world scarce resources in the process of production, distribution, consumption, growth and development has to be realized, may be possible when the principles of economics were to be rationally and consistently implemented.

Besides the fact that everybody lives the deep reaching and containing effects of economics, its impact on the direction and the pace of the progress of other professions, it is only the students of economics that who can conceive and shed light on governing principles of economics.

Therefore it is under the guide of these facts that the discipline of economics provides the students of this program the wide opportunities of employment in economics and planning departments of public sector, in national and international private enterprises as well as in the globalized financial markets.

I feel, I should congratulate those who are and will be our students. I wish them brilliant success in their further studies.

Head of Department of Economics