Vision, Mission and Goals


To be a pioneering department that can direct the studies carried out in both science and business circles, monitor and create change by offering a high level of value with its universal, creative and original research and applications in the light of ethical values.


Specialized in the creation and management of information systems with an interdisciplinary approach in the field of universal management and informatics that can meet the changing needs of the business world in the 21st century, able to design the most suitable information systems for institutions and organizations, open to innovations, following technology, versatile, To train managerial candidates who have knowledge of literature and practices.

  • Management Information Systems Program has competencies in line with the requirements of the globalizing age and is open to cooperation with the sector, has knowledge of informatics such as software, hardware, programming, coding; to train graduates who can work as data processing, database managers, and database analysts.
  • Management Information Systems Program creates a competitive advantage in business management; To train graduates equipped with digital skills and up-to-date business knowledge required for the establishment and execution of the processes of the information system and for making the necessary arrangements within the organization.
  • Management Information Systems Program aims to prepare graduates who have the competency and skills in the fields of management and informatics, who are aware of the legal, ethical and social responsibility of business life, who are prone to teamwork, who have communication equipment, who constantly improve themselves with a critical and innovative perspective, and prepare them for the business world. .