From the Department Head

Management Information systems play a critical role for businesses operating in today's global and technological competitive environment as a multidisciplinary field that serves as a bridge between both computer science and business management. Based on this, Doğuş University Management Information Systems (MIS) undergraduate program was established to educate students who can approach businesses with a technology perspective.

Management Information Systems Experts ensure that information is produced, renewed, disseminated and managed. They are the people who can apply the information obtained through computer systems to the solution of problems in management and business areas.

Developed economies in the world are transformed into knowledge-based economies by moving away from being industry-based. Rapid growth in the service and information sectors also increases the demand for management information systems specialists, diversifying and expanding job opportunities.

Through Object-Based Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms, Customer Relationship Management, Data Mining and Business Intelligence, System Analysis and Design and Information Systems Strategy and Management and similar courses in which theory and practice are carried out together, our students will be able to take their first steps into professional life by acquiring the necessary competencies of the future.

Doğuş University encourages students to develop themselves both in management / business and informatics fields with its experienced and specialized academic staff with its wide range of elective courses.

The Management Information Systems department is a program that gives training in Turkish. Our students who will graduate by completing their internship;

Has knowledge and application competence about MIS basic areas, develops management information systems based solutions for business problems and provides communication between business management and information technologies.

The education period of the department is 4 years and the language of education is Turkish. There are both business and IT courses. There is an option to read English Preparatory Class at the department.

Working Professions

Management Information Systems graduates can work in any unit in which the information technologies are intensive both in the private and public sectors. Some of the positions our graduates can take on are: systems analyst and designer, information systems manager, programmer, project specialist and manager, IT specialist and manager, business analyst, finance specialist and manager, and human resources specialist and manager, academician can specialize in marketing, sales, business development. will be able to start their professional careers in many fields such as business systems analysis and design, database analyst, CRM specialist, system administration, software development and web, mobile applications.

Doğuş University Management Information Systems Department aims to train well-equipped students who aim to make a career plan in both business and information fields and who have the necessary competencies in both fields.

Assoc. Prof. Senem ALTAN
Head of Department of Management Information System